I think it’s beautiful the way you sparkle when you talk about the things you love πŸ–€ – Atticus

When I sit back and think about myself, my soul and my purpose, it brings a huge smile to my face. The kind of smile that is genuine and from the heart, filled with that warm for realness. The kind that pretty much makes me cry like a little bitch. The amount of work, sweat and tears I’ve poured into my passion is a testimony to those tears. My soul knows the effort it’s taken to constantly be in growth and striving to be the best version of me…. so that shit hits hard.

Probably one of the driving factors of why I enjoy to share my journey is that feeling. Self fucking LOVE. The one I’ve found through changing my whole world around. The girl that died with the weight is a part of my history, I’ve reinvented her. Into a grateful, intentional, empathetic, hard loving, hard working, dedicated as fuck bad ass.

A woman who wakes up with a grateful heart & intentions to spread her sparkle EVERYWHERE!

I wake up and remind myself of this exact quote… “Be the energy you want to attract in the world.” And that’s a goal everyday for me. There’s something so amazing I can get out of filling up another person’s cup. Letting them know how amazing they are doing in thier lives. Whether it be in the gym or school, getting a new job or having a baby. I really try and make an effort to those I care about, because I want to be treated the same way in return.

Im usually the woman filling other people’s cups up! But today and old gym friend of mine went out of his way to come over and compliment me on my progress & how much the shape of my body has changed! How much he loves my energy and smile at the gym. It was such an amazing compliment that I almost choked on it…. being on the receiving end sometimes catches you off guard. We had a great conversation about heavy lifting and our years under the bar. I left the conversation feeling so uplifted.

Remember friends. Lack of support & lack of caring about what sets people’s souls on fire is a form of abuse. Knowing that the people closest to you scroll by in annoyance & can’t shout out a good job or a simple like on Facebook really can dig deep. There’s something to be said about lack of effort and apathy. If we went around filling up eachothers cups instead of making people like they aren’t worthy of your care or effort, the world would be a more beautiful place. A place where jealousy and resentment were absent.

I had to start off working on my own dark shit to be able to see life through optimism, positivity and light. Now I go around making people smile on purpose like it’s my job.

I hope that today you scroll by the people you love and you stop. Take a minute to put the effort in and read thier post, love thier passion and fill up thier cup. Be sure it will put a smile on both of your faces. Because the effort they have put in, day in and day out is something to applaud.

Let’s leave the world a kinder place to live.


Published by aintnohoodlikemotherhood.ca

32 Y/O Mother of 4 amazing little souls. Just gunna blog my way through and hopefully inspire some humans along the way. I have a trucker mouth and a wild flower personality, so if you get butt hurt over swear words. I wouldn't continue β™‘β™‘ XOXO

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