Your life is as good as your mindset!

Mindset Game is strong. I’ve worked hard to get here mentally!

Springs finally freaking here!!! And it has me thinking about my annual spring clean coming up this long weekend!!

And as per usual I end up going down my favorite rabbit hole… how this is relatable to our lives, our mindset & our growth journey.

Living in a growth mindset can be exhausting. Constantly having new ideas, goals and dreams to pursue running through your head like a hamster wheel can be overwhelming. This has become my indicator that it’s time to do a little mental spring cleaning!!

Assessing where you are at currently makes goal setting much more intentional! You can’t get where you’re going without knowing where you’re at. This is when I pull out the old trusty journal and start free flowing to see where my energy is directed. Then I ask myself, what’s working in your life right now? And what has led them to work for me. Routine, healthy lifestyle my core people. Those things work because I intentionally put effort into growing those areas. Working on my mindset surrounding everything in my life is my key to success 100%. And I do it with intention and on purpose, daily.

And let’s be fucking real here, the other side of the coin… What’s actively sabotaging us? What’s helping you sabotage your efforts & future version of yourself!!? It might not be what you think… necessary sabotage is real, especially as a mother of 4. We can also call them Responsibilities. Balancing 4 kids, fitness, being a student myself, wife life & maintaining friendships… it’s a full fucking load most days. But what I’ve learned is that you need to adapt your time, effort and priorities to find the best way to get it all done. I’m constantly working on how to adapt my life to fit my current situation & still be working towards my future best self. And for me that is constantly growing and changing. I’m sooo not the girl I was a decade ago when I started my journey. And when I change my surroundings and relationships usually change too, and that calls to weed out the things that no longer serve me.


1) Deep MF clean: What in your life needs to be unpacked emotionally? The one thing that would clear up so much stuff for you? Ex. Anxiety, fear, relationships etc. This is the part where you own the real dirty shit that no one wants to talk about.

2) Organize your damn life: Figure out what you want to change and why. Unpack your why before you commit to new goals.

3) How the Eff do I get there: What habits can you create to set yourself up for success? Commit to changing 1 habit that you can incorporate into your life to help you stop self sabotaging where you want to be. You have to want to take ownership of your life and make the choice to make positive changes to be the best version of you.

4) Bye Felicia: What needs to be removed from your life!? Belief systems, unrealistic body images/ goals, perceptions we have about our bodies, toxic relationships, limiting beliefs about yourself, negative self talk! If it’s not serving you, toss it the fuck out.

Be around people who elevate you and support you in who you want/ striving to be. Be around people with a growth mindset that encourage you to chase your goals & lift you up to your potential. Asses your relationships, with others and yourself and maybe do a little spring cleaning if necessary 🖤


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32 Y/O Mother of 4 amazing little souls. Just gunna blog my way through and hopefully inspire some humans along the way. I have a trucker mouth and a wild flower personality, so if you get butt hurt over swear words. I wouldn't continue ♡♡ XOXO

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