How Dependency Breeds Depression In 2021 ðŸ¤¯

It’s mind blowing the changes we’ve all been a part of/ forced on us since 2020. Most of them in my humble opinion, are BS. But none the less… they happened. Uncontrolled and unforseen by the mass majority. So of course, it shook us as a collective.

Most people read the title of this and think of many ways that this statement could be true for a lot things in 2021.

Relationship dependency, substance dependency… the list goes on.

But the one I’ve been witness closely is, Fitness/ Gym dependency… and that Bitch is UGLY.

Fitness = Mental health to A LOT of people. We use it in place of drugs and addiction, we use it when we are sad and depressed, we use it as an outlet for our mental well being and it is an amazing tool.

I don’t think most people realize thier dependency on the gym until they are forced to not go. Insert 2020-2021 here.

The year of the pandemic. The year of forced gym closures. Uncertainty, having our mental health dangled in front of us like cheese infront of a dog.

There is nothing more scary than a looming mental breakdown when you use the gym for therapy, specifically for anxiety and depression. It triggers so much more. We get to add in a scarcity mindset and a depression snowball with daily anxiety attacks.

The thing is. This is deeper than just loosing the gym, classes and our social circles.

Finding your happiness in only the gym means your looking for outside drivers to make you happy. The gym is a place where we should go for HEALTH. But the gym is not health all in itself. Taking care of your body can look like so many different things. But you have to choose to see that, that it can look different due to circumstances.

Finding the joy in being able to move your body is a choice. Your life is made up of a series of choices, you can choose to adapt or you can choose to stay stuck in a negative mindset and puddle when circumstances change that are out of your control.

You can set expectations for your happiness based on external drivers, like the gyms, yoga classes, but until you learn that the true happiness comes from the lifestyle and being able to adapt to anything to continue that lifestyle, you will be let down.

Knowing that you have the choice to adapt to stay dedicated/ consistent with your lifestyle, you get to choose to snowball into depression when shit doesn’t go your way or you get to choose the whole lifestyle and adapt. Literally… adapting will save your life and your mental health. Rolling with the punches, if you will.

This past year has taught me that life changes and it is out of your control. If you let dependency rule your life, you won’t be living in the present, you’ll be worrying about yesterday and tomorrow. And never feeling like enough.

Through this whole thing I’ve chosen to THRIVE & ADAPT.

You can make the choice to come out stronger and enjoy the life you do have, today… or you can friggin pout. That’s a choice only you can make, sis.


* I chose this picture because it embodies the fierceness I feel about the choices I’ve made and continue to make for me to be the best version of me I can. In hopes that one other person can pull themselves up to their own potential. Because if I can do, trust yourself to make yourself a priority. ♡

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32 Y/O Mother of 4 amazing little souls. Just gunna blog my way through and hopefully inspire some humans along the way. I have a trucker mouth and a wild flower personality, so if you get butt hurt over swear words. I wouldn't continue ♡♡ XOXO

2 thoughts on “How Dependency Breeds Depression In 2021 ðŸ¤¯

  1. You have been an inspiration already for so many people Kailey. I myself have learned(and still learning) in so many ways from you to stop dwelling/living in the past. Love you and your words!!!

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