3:35am – On MF Purpose!

We all share the same 24 hours in a day. But, we definitely do not all share the same load of responsibility in those same 24hrs. Not all of us decide to take on 4 kids, but I sure as shit did. So I take it pretty seriously… I like a good challenge.

I definitely chose to have 4 kids, wouldn’t change that for the world. But what I didn’t choose was how those little people would each individually need something “extra” from me. Yes… all 4 have some sort of extra love required.

All the extras and hard work that kids are, just means, we as parents need to adjust & adapt. That’s actually my superpower… adapting. And thats exactly why these little humans were put in my path, the universe knew I could handle the extras & adapt accordingly.

My happiness and optimism are something that are a result of living my life ON PURPOSE or as others call it, INTENTIONAL. If I didn’t know to trust the universe & my own dammit instincts – my circumstances would make me crumble. But I choose to wake up everyday in a grateful, from love mindset. Knowing that my days can own me or I can own them. I can choose be unprepared and react to things as they come & hope for the best. OR, I choose to be proactive, and respond exactly how I need to.

Self awareness is a huge part of success. Understanding your weaknesses and preparing for them is your biggest asset in finding your growth path. Once I was able to see where I needed to put my energy, and sort through my bullshit I was able to fix my main problems first.

Mine unfortunately was a big one. TIME FUCKING MANAGEMENT. Such a bitch. Because this one trickles into every facet of your life. Parenthood, relationships, house shit, finances, health issues… I could go on and on. And momma got sick of the same bs cycle and flipped my life around.

I wanted to share with all the moms and dads out there who wonder how the fuck I can squeeze all the shit I do in a day… well here you go! Keep reading!

I address each following day, the night before. I do a mini check in with my family. See what appointments or activities we have for the following day, check the meal plan & see what my husband’s work schedule is like. This helps me gage how I can set my day up for optimal efficiency.

1) when will I gym? Do I wanna journal and coffee with my Husband or do I want my entire school day filled with my other tasks, naps and things.

2) 9/10 times I will plan for my days to start at 3:35am – that gets me to the gym for opening at 4. – most days I’m done and home for a quick coffee with Ken before our day begins with the kids. – Side Note – I prep my gym clothes, fill water bottles, check headphone battery life and put my supplements out on the counter the night before. Less noise the better at that hour.

Then I slam out 5 lunches and breakfast! And get the kids off to school!

Depending on what needs to be done. I prioritize it. What is a need and what is an expectation. There’s a HUGE difference. And for everyone a need is FOOD IN YO HOUSE. 6 people to feed HEALTHY is, fucking expensive. Calling a spade a spade. Lol. Saving money and time management are both important to me. I don’t wanna be chasing sales around the city. But I will do my best to get the best deals when possible

I watch for special offers then bulk buy to get the most saving! – $10 gc and a 15cent off /L coupon for gas!

Everything I do has multiple layers. At my first waitress job when I was 13, this little German lady Monica told me “save your steps, work smarter not harder.” And for 20 years that has also trickled into every aspect of my life. Plan your meals, buy shit you’ll use and if it’s on sale buy extra if you can.

After or before your shop clean your fridge, wipe containers and start off fresh. It feels good to be prepared.

For me, after all this, it’s prep time baby.

I like to prep at least 3/6 meals I eat daily. This is the most efficient way for me to fuel my body peoperly, for my lifestyle. It isn’t for everyone. I can tell you though, it will change your life if you stick to it. When you prepare healthy meals and have them ready to grab and go you save so much. Time, energy and likely consumption of some shit fast food. Time management can legit help you loose weight without that even being your intention.

3) Drink water. Like, all, friggin day long. Your body is made up of mostly H2O. – I use the 10 gulp method. Every time you drink your water take 10 gulps and try and make 3-5l a day. You’re whole body will thank you! You need your body to work at its best to be able to function in happiness. And water is a part of it. LAY OFF THE CAFFINE LINDA!!!!

I wanted to share some of my healthy lifestyle tricks that help me juggle 4 kids, lift heavy weights, fit in cardio 4 days a week, in school and still manages to not hate her life. ON PURPOSE 🖤

It all boils down to where you spend your energy, what’s important to you and waking up with a purpose. Each day is a new opportunity to do things differently, so if you’re struggling to make it through the day, address your time and ADAPT.


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32 Y/O Mother of 4 amazing little souls. Just gunna blog my way through and hopefully inspire some humans along the way. I have a trucker mouth and a wild flower personality, so if you get butt hurt over swear words. I wouldn't continue ♡♡ XOXO

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