Certified Freak, 7 Days a Week, Broke Ass Liver, My Sugar Game Weak.

Who doesn’t love a self inflicted 2:45am bath, when your body decides to remind you.. ‘hey girl, hey…. oh yeah, it’s me. Your friggin LIVER. Remember the time you were told not to fuck with sugar binging anymore? No? Well here’s your reminder.”

Insuilin Resistance – It’s the reminder that you’ve really fucked up. That your body needs allllll the extra love ♡. Its the fucking precursor to TYPE 2 FRIGGIN DIABETES.

But here I am, sitting in my bath at almost 4am after my body saying “No thank you kind lady, you can fuck off with your sugar.”

Sugar Addictions a real bitch. It’s the easiest addiction to get a fix from. Just hop in your momma mobile and bam… the options are endless.

To some people, they have no idea what its like to live within the chains of the sugar crisis with an addictive personality. Sugar is a number one killer and its sold to children with no regulations in place to help. Instead we get to be reactionary and not proactive with our kids health.

Imma tell you something. My sugar addiction and food coping mechanisms did not develop at 32, I was a child. A life of processed foods (our parents didn’t know better) and the binge and starve lifestyle is what got where I am today.

I’ve went 42 days without a single sugar binge. THE LONGEST PERIOD since as far back as I remember.

Sooooo about last night now 🤦‍♀️.

I binged. I ate almost a whole bag or sour candies, some Reese cups and some chippies.

My heart had been broke all afternoon. My son has been dealing with bullying at school. And I was HEATED ABOUT IT. I didn’t eat supper, my nerves were shot and there was no way a fucking salad was going to make any of that shit better.

I’ve Recognized that my body and my feelings are connected for years. But my feelings don’t always have the best intentions for my what my body needs. And last night, feelings won. My body woke me up and reminded that she has had enough. That 42 days of cleaness is what she needs, ALWAYS.

But the most bad ass part of all of this, is that I’ve learned to listen and love my body. 1 binge day isn’t what used to be, days or weeks of not giving a fuck. I can recognize my triggers and accept that my old ways of coping are going to hurt me. So choose the hurt. Feel the feelings or feel the feelings binge and feel the pain too.

When we eat sugar, our bodies also release inflammatory chemicals. If we eat sugar on a regular basis, the chemicals build up in our bodies affecting our liver and some other internal organs, which can eventually lead to liver damage. Or Non- Alcoholic Fatty Liver disease.

My body has shown some symptoms of this & along with being diagnosed with insuilin resistance, This is something that I care deeply about. Having the understanding & knowledge make me want to do better and be better. Seeing how quickly my body reacted to the sugar was reminder enough that she doesn’t fuck with sugar anymore like that.

So before you decide to ignore your body screaming at you for LOVE. Maybe sit down and listen to what she’s trying to tell you. Not feeling well chronically is a symptom that your body needs you to tune in. It’s the best lesson I’ve ever learned ♡


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32 Y/O Mother of 4 amazing little souls. Just gunna blog my way through and hopefully inspire some humans along the way. I have a trucker mouth and a wild flower personality, so if you get butt hurt over swear words. I wouldn't continue ♡♡ XOXO

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