Hormones In The Hood…

Boom. It happens just like that. With the switch of light, your low mood slowly creeps up and shit gets real.

I’m not even joking for a second that one minute I’m fine and the next minute I’m like satans child…. fire in my eyes and everything.

I get soooo tired that I can’t rationalize thoughts let alone organize them to prioritize. My brain gets foggy and I get annoyed that I can’t function at my normal pace.

I have what they call “Superwoman 🦸‍♀️ Syndrome.” And I feel the need to go mach chicken alllll the time and get alllll the things done. And having a hormone surge really fucks with my high energy vibes. It reminds me that I need to sit down when my body tells me too.

The past two days have made me sit down, lay down and sleep. It’s taken me years to figure out my bodies cues that it send to let me know that I’m about to enter my cycle so get ready for the wave and emotional cleansing thats about to smack you in the face! And…. everyone around you. Frig.

After years of tracking myself and my reactions, I’ve become very self aware of my hormonal freak outs. Thank you universe that my husband is the best surfer out there. He knows how to ride my crazy waves and I couldn’t get through them without him and his amazing ability to know exactly what I need before I do.

I was cleansing my own bullshit today and realizing that it was time to stop waiting to write my first post. Procrastination is such a bitch but I slapped her in the face today. I connected with my spirit via a magpie this afternoon and new it was a sign. I’ll save that one for another blog post ♡

I remembered in those moments that we are accountable for how we respond to everything in our lives. Including how we allow our hormones to control us and be out of control.

But today I didn’t let that bullshit control me. I sat when I had too, ate a meal that nourished me and appealed to me, made a decad coffee and owned my first blog post.

Soo eff you hormone cycle. #winning


Published by aintnohoodlikemotherhood.ca

32 Y/O Mother of 4 amazing little souls. Just gunna blog my way through and hopefully inspire some humans along the way. I have a trucker mouth and a wild flower personality, so if you get butt hurt over swear words. I wouldn't continue ♡♡ XOXO

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